Improve Indoor Air Quality, save energy and protect health


Thesan pictured the concept that we can also save energy by correctly ventilating our living and working environments: this vision embraces the problems associated with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) that transpires from the difficulties caused by indoor and outdoor pollution, with adverse consequences to public health and to government healthcare expenses.

It was calculated that if heat exchangers were installed in every home in a given city, pollution would be reduced by the same amount as if the number of vehicles in circulation was halved. With its Air Business Unit, specialising in IAQ and Energy Saving, Thesan makes a positive contribution to human health and to the lifetime and energy performance of buildings. So it saves energy, but at the same time it improves the health of millions of people.

Thesan - Migliorare la Indoor Air Quality aumenta il risparmio energetico e protegge la salute

Indoor Air Quality and saving energy


Some initial information indicating the potential of IAQ research shows the following: the building industry consumes approximately 37% of the energy needs in a developed nation and about 40% of this consumption can be ascribed to changing air without specific technological devices like heat exchangers: opening windows is normal but it is certainly not the best solution.

Thesan is in the front line when it comes to designing specific, low-energy consumption technologies for filtering and changing the air effectively and constantly without opening windows: this means that heat is not lost in winter and in summer there is less need for air-conditioning – in both cases generating considerable energy savings and reducing pollution.

Thesan - Indoor Air Quality e risparmio energetico

Indoor Air Quality and pollution


We spend more than 90% of our time indoors, in environments where the air is 2 to 10 times more polluted than outdoors. Pollutants of chemical, physical and biological origin are caused by changing the air without specifically designed, effective and controlled technology. We can’t always see and smell these pollutants but they are very dangerous to human health and to the correct preservation of buildings and they have a very deleterious effect on energy costs for heating or cooling buildings.

Thesan - Indoor Air Quality e inquinamento