R&D. Development and future


Thesan believes everything can be made more sustainable, this is the real chance to protect the future of everyone.

In that inexhaustible field of energy called innovation, it is always possible to discover new lines of research and mix and match them in fusions that create an unexpected viewpoint, and from there come up with totally innovative solutions.

Thesan uses a blend of different competences to activate these short circuits, feeding new energy into new sectors.

Thesan - R&D - Sviluppo e futuro

Innovation generated by combined research


Water. It’s easy to obtain electricity from water at our latitudes, it becomes a challenge when there is a slow water flow rate and low water heads. A new generation of high-performance, extremely economical turbines is being studied for these situations.

Energy efficient lighting. Thesan is also working on innovative solutions in this area, focusing its efforts on the enormous potential of LEDs.

Seeking effective combinations to improve research. This is one of the new frontiers, but Thesan is already looking beyond that to the next dawn, pursuing the mission that is in its name.

Thesan - Ricerca e innovazione - futuro acqua

Energy Skin. The technological skin that reuses heat


The Thesan vision grasps opportunities for economic development and growth. Its innovative power drives extraordinarily futuristic projects.

Environment and sustainability are reinforced each and every time. Energy Skin is just one more new, powerful proof of this.

Thesan has developed a real technological skin that reuses the energy lost from the curtain wall and pumps it back into the building at the desired temperature.

This is a perfect climate control system for buildings with curtain walls (aluminium or aluminium and glass), which makes the buildings energy efficient without any negative effects on their volume or their appearance.

An application with great potential in reducing energy consumption for very tall buildings.

Single buildings and metropolises that wear the energy of Energy Skin – this is a possible, sustainable future.

Thesan - Energyskin - Futuro sostenibile