Value Projects


Thesan operates worldwide in the development and realisation of power plants for the production of renewable energy. The activity mainly focuses on the realisation of photovoltaic and hydroelectric power plants in those markets offering high returns on investments, even without significant incentive systems.

Thesan has the adequate competences to follow all the phases of the production chain, from the project development to the construction, management and maintenance of the power plant.

Thesan - Realizzazione impianti fotovoltaici

Project Development


Drawing on its expertise in the design of steel and aluminum structures, acquired during the 125 years of activity of Savio Group and thanks to a team of over 40 engineers, Thesan is able to satisfy any requirement for the construction of photovoltaic power plants at any altitude and with any specific fixing requirements.

Thesan - Progettazione impianti fotovoltaici



In addition to offering support and advice in the assembly of its structures, the design of which also takes into account an optimization of the construction and maintenance costs, Thesan also offers Turn Key EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) services.

Both for its investments, that allow Thesan to increase its portfolio of green energy production, and for its activities as General Contractor as Turn Key EPC, Thesan takes upon itself the development, operational and financial risk linked to the realisation of the projects. For a part of its investments, there is the aim of ceasing the project within 12-18 months to investors that are not willing to take upon themselves the risks of development and construction.

Thesan - Impianti fotovoltaici



Thesan’s investments are financed through leasing contracts or medium/long-term project finance. Thesan can create added value in the operation phase thanks to the daily management of the asset and to the choice of O&M contractor leader in the sector.

Thesan - Investimenti impianti fotovoltaici